About Us

Company Information:
Pacific Administrators, Inc. is a technology-driven third-party administrator in Hawaii that provides employee health and welfare, pension, annuity and vacation benefit services for many local union members. We take pride in the fact that our company is locally owned and operated. Our company motto is 'Kulia I Ka Nu'u', which means 'Strive for the Highest' - best service, positive attitude, teamwork, training, attain goals (personal, department, company), solve problems/learn/move forward.

Company Mission Statement:
Our corporate mission is to be the industry leader in quality service to our valued customers.

Corporate Culture:
We are a humble team of equals who have positive attitudes, treat everyone with respect/fairness, work together, have a strong ‘work ethic’ and do whatever it takes to provide excellent customer service. We nurture our staff by openly communicating, listening, coaching and by setting the example. We value our employees as much as our clients and strive to 1) maintain appropriate staffing levels, 2) cross train to teach as ‘much’ as possible to promote customer service coverage and succession planning, 3) improve employee compensation, training and development.

Core Values:
1. Walk the Talk - Lead by example, listen, coach, train; always with respect.
2. Attitude of Gratitude - Value our employees, clients and service providers.
3. Do What it Takes - We are all accountable, relied upon and appreciated.
4. Kulia I Ka Nu'u - Service excellence to our customers, our participants, our service providers and one another.
5. Same Canoe - Our Helmsman steers our canoe and guides us forward. As a team, we are all: "paddling together" in sync, positive, considerate and communicative with one another.


Alton H. Komori
President / CEO


Management Team

Clarene Mitsunaga
Chief Operating Officer

Human Resources and Office Manager

Provider Services Supervisor
Michelle Sasaki
Health and Welfare Operations and Accounts Manager

Dean Kimura
Account Executive

Kevin Tamayose
Systems Administrator

Cedric Chee
Trust Accounting Controller

Lance Yamamura


Supervisory Team

Julie Bumanglag
Pension and Annuity Supervisor

Employer Control Supervisor
Sherine Cortinas
Employer Control Supervisor

Troy Tonini
Payroll Audit Supervisor and Collections Representative

Charmayne Kahai
Member & Provider Services Supervisor

Earleen Tanudra
Administrative Supervisor

Claims Supervisor
Susan Reed
Claims Supervisor

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