Trust Fund Office Administration
  • Meeting and Conference Coordination
  • Preparation and Distribution of Trust Meeting Agenda and Minutes
  • Custodian of Trust Documents
  • New Trustee Orientation
  • Publication and Distribution of Plan Notices
  • Coordination with Service Providers
  • Dedicated Staff to Provide In-Person, on the Phone or Email Customer Service
Health & Welfare Administration
  • Health & Welfare Enrollment and Eligibility Management
  • Claims Adjudication
  • Managed Care Services and Utilization Review
  • Provider Network Maintenance
  • COBRA Administration
  • Hours Bank Administration
  • Benefit Appeal Administration
  • Stop Loss Monitoring and Coordination
  • On-line claim status and eligibility look up
Vacation, Contribution, Audit Administration
  • Vacation Benefit eligibility management
  • Application Processing
  • Contribution history recordkeeping and employer reporting
  • Conducting payroll audits
  • Employer Contribution Collection and Delinquency Management
  • Reciprocity Administration
Pension and Annuity Administration
  • Defined Benefit Plan Eligibility Management
  • Defined Contribution Plan Eligibility Management
  • Qualified Domestic Relations Order Processing
  • Application Processing
  • Annual Benefit Statement Preparation and Distribution
  • Annual Pension Retiree Verification Processing
  • Provide Participant Data for Actuarial Valuation
Accounting Services
  • Financial Statement Preparation and Distribution
  • Budget Preparation
  • Payroll Administration
  • Cash Management Funds Coordination
  • Plan Expense Management
  • Government and Tax Reporting and Filing
  • Facilitation of External and Government Audits
Technology Services
  • Secure Participant Portal
  • Secure Employer Portal
  • Custom Website
  • 24/7 Interactive Voice Response System